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A great option to explore for your new website design is that of website templates. Mobile friendly WHMCS theme based on Bootstrap 3 framework including shopping cart. We offer an exceptional, diverse library of web template layouts suited to providing a professional experience that is perfect for business. Our website templates and flash templates are XHTML / CSS, W3C compliant. Use them for your own projects, or for your clients, change colors, texts, images, mix graphic parts of them & you have thousands of possibilities.

Our designers hone each graphic design template, logo template, printing template, and word template to provide the kind of professional image our customers demand. All of our templates include the graphic and layout phtml, psd, and fla source files, to allow for ease of templates customization.

We focus our efforts on ensuring our templates will be easy to use while still providing your visitors a professional view of your website. Each XHTML/CSS website template includes a valid XHTML/CSS layout files, HTML layout files, JPG/GIF images, PSD file(s), Fonts package and Web Templates Guide!


Premium Template
Configurable Column Layouts
With most templates, if you want to alter the appearance or order of the columns, you're looking at some major work. Now – with our available Templates, this is a easy task (and that's if you are slow!). You can easily select between 02 to 03 different column layouts simply by choosing from a drop-down list. Use the traditional 3 column layout. Put your two smaller columns on the right. Put the two smaller columns on the left. Just have two columns.

Configurable Header and Footer
Headers and footers are areas in the top and bottom margins of each page in a document.

The HTML5 HEADER and FOOTER elements are new elements added to help web designers better define the semantic structure of their web pages. According to the HTML5 specification, the HEADER element represents a group of introductory or navigational aids. And the FOOTER element represents footer for the nearest ancestor sectioning content or sectioning root. It typically contains information about the section, including the author, related documents, copyright data, and so on.

The HEADER and FOOTER elements are not sectioning elements. They do not change the outline of the document and they don't create new sections. But any headings inside of them create implied sections.

You can easily change your Site Title and even a Site Slogan by editing some Phrase variables or hard coded value. They even accept limited HTML so you can change how they display. Simply leave these variables blank to not display this information in your header.
Premium Template

Premium Template
Responsive / Mobile Layout
It's all in HTML5. The last thing you need to worry about is having to re-design your website for it to work optimally on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Cross Browser Compatible
Our solid, clean and meticulous coding ensures that your website looks and works great on all standard browsers without any glitches. This is useful if you want to customize your Home Page and do not want the Search to show by default.
Premium Template

Premium Template
Complete Documentation & Video Tutorial
Get a well documented video tutorial with complete instructions along with PSD files for guiding you with the theme installation process, managing and customizing it in future as per your needs. Do you need any assistance with the theme installation or customization, we are always there to help.

Support & Updates
Just visit our helpdesk and submit a ticket and we'll answer your questions just as quick as we can. Also, we 'll be adding features and changing the documentation to make it better . We also have Resourceful Community where you can take advantage customizing templates very fast. It happens to the best of us! If you have any questions, need additional work or would like us to assist you with your integration progress, then please get in touch with us trough support center / help desk we will help you out as best we can.
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